Finding your community

There is no better way to find yourself than to find your community. Finding your community although is often a needle in a haystack the search is always worth every inch of moving hay.

The community you have around you influence and impact your lives in many ways when you are then with the people that support, encourage and motivate you. To be not only yourself but your very best self, you get to learn and discover so much bout yourself that you were not aware of before.

You feel pleased honoured a grateful for all of their love, acceptance and willingness to help. It is remarkable and something that everyone deserves to experience. The difference it can make in your life is incredible and your overall are happier because you know you have people in your life who can relate to, be with, cry with and have fun with.

Get out there and get searching for your community, they ar not only out there, but they are waiting for you

Self Expression and Leadership Program: Perth May 2015

I am currently part of a community here in Perth under Landmarks Self Expression and Leadership Program.

The community consists of approximately 50 participants and 10 leaders/coaches and assistants. SO 60 in total we could say. In the SELP program, we are all individually creating and working on a project that will benefit the community in one way or another. Whether it be about public dancing, saving animals or promoting organic food, it is based upon whatever is important to them and has potential to make an impact in the world.

We together are a community. In groups we work together in sharing our progress and our experiences in order to assist each other and provide some insights to what we are discovering. By working on these projects together as a community we build a lot more excitement, accountability and desire to take action knowing that everyone is doing the same and will praise you for it.

A four month program, that we are currently a quarter of the way through. So still many exciting times ahead. As we progress not only will our projects develop but also will our relationships with one another as a community.

Wedding Community

A wedding community. Never heard of a wedding community have you.

Well there is a wedding community in Perth. This wedding community come together to discuss and share ideas, to help each other out in times of weddings whether for themselves for family members or friends of the community members.

Weddings are a big and important thing, so it is important to have it be the very best day possible. So why have a couple of people helping when you can have 10’s and sometimes hundreds as part of the community. With more feedback than any magazine will ever tell you, more ideas, options and free hands willing and able to help.

Whether it be for hair and makeup, locations in Perth, catering, photographers, celebrant and so much more.

Reach out to your local wedding community in Perth and see what they can arrange for you. It will be the best wedding ever.


The Partnership for New Communities. So what’s this all about.

It’s about the People of Perth Western Australia to come together and build strong communities and help each other out.

Communities have so much power, and can create so much joy, and impact together, especially when working as one. Communities when formed, have just such an energy about them that can only be explained when you are apart of them and everything it just flowing right,

With everyone there e for each other and to help each other ou tit is a truly beautiful thing.

That is why it is so important to continue to build these communities with people and with others.

Perth has a lot to offer, a lot of people, a lot of ideas and a lot of different ways in which communities can be formed and created. So let’s work together to create special communities here and around the world. Without them we wouldn’t have the same society that we live in now.